Cartoon & Comic Arts


The Yellow Wallpaper


Contains themes of horror, mental health issues and minor violence.

The Fairchildes moved in two months ago on account of Mrs Fairchilde's poor health. Although, if you were to ask Mr Fairchilde, John, he would state with utter confidence that there was, in fact, nothing wrong with his wife's health and everything wrong with her nerves.

After moving in she was swiftly placed on a rest cure, required to stay home and not do an ounce of work, writing, art, anything really, so long as it was considered 'stimulating'.

You have been watching them since they arrived.

Play as the ghost haunting a rural 1800s estate on a mission to drive them out… before the lady of the house loses her mind.

About the Artist

Hi I’m Bryn, an art student who’s about as colourful as their work. I specialise in bright, fully coloured, lineless illustrations and comics with a kid friendly spin. My art is often cute but don’t mistake me for not enjoying a bit of trashy pulp horror. I love exploring varied character designs and whimsical backgrounds and often find myself tinkering with redesigning characters from franchises I love. Find me @Unicornclutter on instagram, twitter, tumblr and tiktok

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