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Graphic in more ways than one, Catfood Comix is a sixteen-page comic packed with bizarre characters, graphic dots, lurid colour, sex jokes, gleefully grotesque artwork, scant regard for political correctness, bad language and lots of fun! A contemporary comic which pays homage to the underground comix and British weeklies of previous decades, Catfood Comix is the comic you thought they didn't make any more!

16 pages, A4 size. Colour.



The Clambake is a one-man comic created with its roots in the British annuals of the seventies but a more contemporary feel. Featuring a host of characters including Clambake the cat, Terry and Spoon, The Burly Fishmongers and Letitia Cream with her sentient salad this experimental work has something for (almost) everyone!

48 pages, A4 size. Colour.


The book of joe 

Joe feels like he's the unluckiest person on Earth - to the point he suspects God has it out for him personally. After an unfortunate accident with a bus, he finds himself in purgatory and finally has his chance to hold the Almighty himself to account.

Based on true anecdotes from an unfortunate friend, Joe's account of his life is told with strong black-and-white underground style cartoons and if nothing else will finally prove that there really is someone always worse off than yourself.

32 pages, A5 size. Black and white/colour cover.



Maud, an ordinary housewife abducted by an alien spaceship still can't quite get out of her self-imposed rut of menial housework - until a mysterious stranger arrives and turns her world upside-down once again.

Ignition was my first full comic project, and there was a great deal of experimentation which led to the end result being rather uneven. For this reason, it is now available to download and read for free!

28 pages, US comic size. Full colour.

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