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Bork the Dog II

A Bork one-page comic that appeared in the 'Dirty Rotten Comics' anthology.

The Book of Joe Cover Art

The cover art from 'The Book of Joe'.

Bork the Dog I

Bork's first adventure from 'Dirty Rotten Comics'.

The Beast Attacks

A page from 'The Beast of Gévaudan'.


A robotic pocket cartoon.

The Book of Joe_12

A page from 'The Book of Joe'.

Film Comic Poster

A poster designed to promote a comic based on movies.

Charity Comic

A comic I designed to help promote Herts Young Homeless, a charity that aims to help homeless teenagers.

Hallowe'en Special

Cover from a university Hallowe'en comic


From Maud's original four-page comic adventure.

The Old Man & the Sea

A digital painting based on Hemingway's 'The Old Man and the Sea'.


A concept cover for a musical comic.


A page from 'Ignition'.


Cheese, lad!

War of the Worlds

An illustration for the classic H.G. Wells novel.

The Black Lagoon

A comic from the Black Lagoon I drew for a university project.


Pocket cartoon.

The Beast of Gévaudan

A concept image for my third full comic project.

Cartoon Museum Competion

An image I entered into a competition for the Cartoon Museum's tote bags. Based on 'Beer Street' by Hogarth.


Staffordshire University staff reimagined as 'Garfield' characters.

Three Men in a Boat

A cartoon describing once of the incidents in the Victorian comic novel.


Matilda leaving a library.

A page from 'Ignition'.

A page from 'Ignition'.


Pocket cartoon.


A cartoon of a cat.

Shark Dating Simulator XXL - Five Th

A game in progress: Shark Dating Simulator - Five Thousand Fathoms High.

The Sword

A Japanese-influenced illustration I made to accompany a story from a friend's childhood.


The cover image from my first full comic project, 'Ignition'.


A selection of my cartoons and comics

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