We're going to go through the basics of using your wix site to

make a visual novel!

first job...



you'll get stuck for sure if you skip this step. first of all, plan a basic synopsis and map out your narrative... 

Gerald is a middle-aged man concerned with his baldness. In an attempt to conceal it from the world he takes one of three options, none of which are appreciated by his wife.

After an introduction Gerald is standing looking at himself (player's POV) in the mirror (nb. the story is told in first-person narrative.

He can try to cover his head with

1) his nosehair (bad ending)

2) his pubic hair (really bad ending)

3) he accepts his baldness (bittersweet ending)

Characters: Gerald, his wife

Locations: Bathroom, outdoor scene for good ending

With the basic idea laid out, we know how many characters and scenes we need, and the choices and endings we need to include.

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